Erica Knavel Koepsel Discusses Prostate Cryoablation on

On June 12, 2023, Erica Knavel Koepsel, MD was featured on to discuss her work in using noninvasive cryoablation techniques to treat prostate cancer. 

Traditional treatments for prostate cancer – like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation – can be invasive and result in side effects like erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Prostate cryoablation, an emerging technique which uses needles to freeze and kill cancer cells in the prostate, is both less invasive and more precise. 

“With cryoablation, we are treating half the prostate or even just the area that contains prostate cancer,” said Knavel Koepsel in the article. “Performing cryoablation in this way reduces the risk of common side effects, and usually only requires one night in the hospital.” 

UW Health began offering prostate cryoablation in April of 2022. Since then, more than 17 patients have undergone ablation or biopsy. According to the article, Knavel Koepsel says the best candidates for the program are patients with intermediate-risk prostate cancer who want to avoid invasive surgery or those who aren’t satisfied with active prostate cancer surveillance. 

UW Health is one of the only health systems in the country — and the only in Wisconsin — that offers prostate cryoablation in an MRI. 

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