UW-Radiology to Evaluate New Interventional CT Scanner

Image-guided procedures are an emerging and rapidly evolving technique for treatment of benign and malignant tumors. As technology advances, so do the exciting possibilities for this type of cancer therapy. 

In UW-Madison’s Department of Radiology, the interventional CT program is a major leader in researching and implementing the latest technology and clinical applications. Through a partnership with Canon, a new interventional CT scanner has recently been installed at the UW Health Hospital and Clinics. 

While the new scanner offers updated and improved hardware, its most exciting feature is the suite of software tools, built specifically for the interventionalist. In addition, large in-room monitors allow the physician to display vital signs, details of the procedure, and even real-time ultrasound. 

UW-Radiology is the first site in the world to be evaluating this software. For the team at UW, the goal is to evaluate the scanner, suggest improvements, and ultimately leverage the innovative software to benefit patients. In this collaboration, all parties are committed to creating the most intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient CT-interventional platform. 

“This academic-industrial partnership to improve patient care is the embodiment of the Wisconsin Idea,” says Fred Lee, MD. Dr. Lee is one of four faculty members currently leading a project to assess the scanner. The other principal investigators are Martin Wagner, PhDLindsay Stratchko, DO, and Tim Szczykutowicz, PhD. 

Thanks to the tireless work of both faculty and staff, the scanner was installed in January 2023. Carrie Bartels and Rachel Bladorn, both CT technologists, programmed the scanner with the appropriate diagnostic and interventional protocols.  CT Tech Leads Kelsey Schluter and Kirsten Jones traveled to the Canon training facility to learn the system, using their experience to teach others. 

With this new technology comes new possibility for innovation in CT-guided procedures. Through the committed efforts of faculty and staff and meaningful partnerships, UW-Radiology will remain at the forefront of interventional CT imaging. 

The new scanner is shown here, along with some of the members of the research team, including Trevor Everett, MD (an Abdominal Imaging Fellow), Kelsey Schluter (CT technologist), Marcia Foltz (CT procedure nurse), and Fred Lee, Jr., MD. (Photo credits: Fred Lee, Jr., MD).