Pickhardt and Lubner’s Research Featured on Cover of Radiology: Artificial Intelligence

September 2022 Cover of Radiology: Artificial Intelligence

Perry Pickhardt, MD and Meghan Lubner, MD’s research, “Fully Automated and Explainable Liver Segmental Volume Ratio and Spleen Segmentation at CT for Diagnosing Cirrhosis,” was featured on the cover of the September 2022 edition of Radiology: Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Pickhardt and Dr. Ronald Summers served as senior authors. 

Dr. Pickhardt said, “We were delighted to see that our work was highlighted. We have been investigating the use of CT for opportunistic detection of liver fibrosis using automated AI tools. Along with other ‘silent’ diseases (e.g., osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease) that we can incidentally detect on CTs obtained for other reasons, liver fibrosis and cirrhosis are typically asymptomatic until the disease has progressed to the end stage.” 

In addition to the front cover, Dr. Pickhardt had another article featured in RSNA’s Monthly Highlights, “Improved CT-based Osteoporosis Assessment with a Fully Automated Deep Learning Tool.” John Garrett, PhD was the senior author of this research. 

The Department of Radiology has had a historic year of our innovative research being featured on major publications’ front covers. Earlier this year, Dr. Pallavi Tiwari had her research showcased on the front cover of the American Journal of Neuroradiologyand the MRI Flow Group’s research was featured on not just one, but two covers of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.