2021-2022 Graduating Trainees’ Future Plans

Pictured: The Resident Class of 2022

The Department of Radiology is excited to celebrate our graduating trainees. We have been fortunate to spend the past four years with some incredible radiologists-in-training, though luckily for us, many of our residents will not be going far. Seven of our eight diagnostic trainees will be continuing their training here for fellowship! 

Michael Larson, MD shared that he is staying, because of the “great breadth of studies as well as friendly staff/colleagues provides the opportune environment for continued education.” Kaitlin Peterson, MD adds, “I know I will be learning from the best. The UW provides exceptional training in both diagnostic imaging and image-guided procedures. There is a strong emphasis on education and patient care, as well as a wide range of cases which prepares well-rounded fellows.” 

Learn more about where our residents and fellows will be going next below: 

Resident Class of 2022 Future Plans: 

  • Michael Bergquist, MD (DR) – Neuroradiology Fellowship, UW-Madison 
  • Trevor Everett, MD (DR) – Abdominal Imaging Fellowship, UW-Madison 
  • Anthony Jiang, MD (DR) – Abdominal Imaging Fellowship, UW-Madison 
  • Michael Larson, MD (DR) – Neuroradiology Fellowship, UW-Madison 
  • Scott Mauch, MD (DR) – Abdominal Imaging Fellowship, UW-Madison 
  • Kaitlin Peterson, MD (DR) – Breast Imaging Fellowship, UW-Madison 
  • Molly Peterson, MD (DR) – Breast Imaging Fellowship, UW-Madison 
  • Andrew Vinson, MD (DR) – Abdominal Imaging Fellowship, UCSF 
  • Josiah Magnusson, MD (Nuc Med)– Private Practice – Radiology Regional in Fort Myers, FL 
  • John Kim, MD (IR) – Private Practice – Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV 
  • Brad White, DO (IR) – Private Practice – Radiology Associates of Clearwater, FL 

Fellow Class of 2022 Future Plans: 

  • Cameron Adler, MD – Academic Practice – Mayo Clinic Arizona in Phoenix, AZ 
  • Matthew Lee, MD – Academic Practice – University of Wisconsin – Madison 
  • Varun Razdan, MD – Private Practice – Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants in Fort Collins, CO 
  • Barry Rush, MD – Private Practice – Quantum Radiology in Marietta, GA 
  • Margaret Soroka, MD – Private Practice – Zia Diagnostic Imaging in Albuquerque, NM 
  • Mitchell Fox, MD – Private Practice – Greater Niagara Medical Imaging in Ontario, Canada 
  • Zachary Stewart, MD – Academic Practice – Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA 
  • Daniel April, MD – Private Practice – Radiology Imaging Associates (RIA) in Fort Collins, CO 
  • Douglas Handley, MD – Private Practice – Inland Imaging in Spokane, WA 
  • Addison Elston, MD – Private Practice – ProScan in Cincinnati, OH 
  • Jedidiah Schlung, MD – Private Practice – Inland Imaging, Spokane, WA 
  • Laura Bryant-Piatkowski, DO – Private Practice – Wisconsin Radiology Specialists, SC, Milwaukee, WI 
  • Marcus Carr, MD – Private Practice – Tualatin Imaging, Portland, OR 
  • Ryan Griesbach, MD – Private Practice, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, Ft. Collins, CO 
  • Mitchell Guenther, MD – Private Practice – Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Kansas City, MO 
  • Brad Otto, MD – Private Practice – Carolina Radiology, Myrtle Beach, SC 
  • Nick Stabo, MD – Private Practice – Advanced Radiology in Davenport, IA 
  • Thomas Reher, MD – Private Practice – Dakota Radiology, Rapid City, SD