Dr. Szcykutowicz Receives Honors for Contributions to Articles in Radiology and Medical Physics

Dr. Timothy Szczykutowicz, Assistant Professor (CHS) of Imaging Sciences with the UW Department of Radiology, was recently named as a recipient of the 2018 Radiology Editor’s Recognition Award for reviewing with Distinction. He was nominated for this award based on the quality and consistency of the reviews he contributed to Radiology over the past year. Dr. Szcykutowicz has consistently taken the time to review Radiology publications, which is beneficial in order to continue to maintain high quality publications.

Dr. Szcykutowicz has also been invited by the three Editors of Medical Physics to serve as a member of the Board of Associate Editors (BAE) of Medical Physics. This level of distinction is awarded to those who have achieved great success as an investigator, and represent leaders within their areas of expertise, they are also believed to have high potential to help find the best scientific articles possible for posting. This requires that one manages around ten newly submitted manuscripts per year, and that they recruit expert referees to review the paper. Once the reviews become available, the Associate Editors make a recommendation to the responsible Editor and write a summary essentially outlining the basis of the recommendations that were made. The revised submissions will then be referred back to them for their recommendations as well as more peer review if they feel it is necessary. Congratulations, Dr. Szczykutowicz!

Read the full article at: https://radiology.wisc.edu/news/dr-timothy-szcykutowicz-receives-two-honors-for-his-contributions-to-articles-in-radiology-and-medical-physics-related-topics/