3rd Annual University of Wisconsin Interventional Radiology Symposium

The Interventional Radiology Interest Group and UW Department of Radiology hosted the 3rd Annual University of Wisconsin Interventional Radiology Symposium in the Health Sciences Learning Center on January 13. This event featured faculty lecturers from three academic institutions (UW, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Rush University Medical Center), an “interactive” session where medical students gained hands-on experience with common IR procedures and devices, and concluded with a social hour and networking event at Oliver’s Public House. The symposium was organized by Sean Golden, a 4th year medical student entering Interventional Radiology, and Dr. Mark Kleedehn.

UW lecturers included Dr. Mark Kleedehn, Dr. Meghan Lubner, and Dr. Orhan Ozkan. Visiting lecturers were Dr. Osmanuddin Ahmed of Rush and Dr. Alexandra Fairchild of MCW. Lecture topics included: 1) IR Training Pathways (including the new IR/DR residency) 2) Ablation 3) Y90 and TACE 4) Musculoskeletal Interventions 5) Peripheral Arterial Disease and 6) Pediatric Interventions.

The “interactive” session featured over a dozen simulators and models from six industry representatives: Boston Scientific, Cook, Terumo, Halyard, Penumbra, and NeuWave. New this year was an endovascular simulator (hosted by Terumo) where students were able to manipulate wires, catheters, and coils under real-time fluoroscopic guidance in a highly realistic computer simulator.

Over 50 medical students were in attendance, including visiting students from Milwaukee, Illinois, and Southern California. A group of visiting students arrived a day early to tour the UW Radiology Department and enjoy dinner with UW students and faculty.

“We hope that this event will expose medical students to the exciting (but often under-publicized) specialty of interventional radiology, and inspire many to pursue a career in this cutting-edge field.”
-Sean Golden, 4th Year Medical Student, Symposium Organizer

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