Radiology Welcomes Translational Imaging Research Working Group (TIRWG)

Are you a laboratory-based researcher or sponsor who needs cancer-specific imaging expertise? Are you a clinical or translational investigator looking for consultation and support services? Then search no further than the newly formed Translational Imaging Research Working Group (TIRWG) a full complement of experienced research faculty with specific expertise in all imaging modalities including CT, MRI, PET/CT, US, and IR.

The TIRWG was established to help investigators navigate the translational process to ensure imaging research activities are focused and connected, and that complex research objectives are efficiently achieved. The TIRWG offers several core services including:

– Administrative support and coordination

– Molecular agent production

– Image analysis

– Institutional quality assurance initiatives

– Protocol review and clinical protocol oversight

– Specific modality and subject consultation services, including CT, MRI, PET/CT, US, imaging analysis, and oncology

Several TIRWG members affiliated with UW Radiology serve on the consulting team, including Drs. Meghan Lubner, Frank Ranallo, Frederick Kelcz, Frank Korosec, Scott Perlman, Timothy Hall, and Sean Fain.

The TIRWG will meet the first Friday of every month to discuss UWCCC imaging clinical trials, case presentations of patients actively imaged on clinical trials, and protocol-related issues and reviews.

The first TIRWG will be April 4, from 8-9 a.m. in 7001A WIMR. To attend, email Dona Alberti at .

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