UW Radiologists dominate World Conference of Interventional Oncology

During a conference from May 16-19, UW Radiologists in the Tumor Ablation Group overtook New York at the 2013 World Conference of Interventional Oncology. Over 50 percent of the presentations during a session on ablation technology and clinical applications came from UW, and Dr. Fred Lee was one of the featured speakers in multiple sessions.

Presentations were also given by Drs. Brace, Ziemlewicz, Hinshaw, Lubner, Sampson, Ozkan and many others. In fact, the session moderator stated, “They should have called this the University of Wisconsin session.” Topics from UW researchers mainly focused on microwave ablation of tumors, from renal to liver and many more.

“The department and institution as a whole are very supportive of research and willing to commit resources to provide the opportunity to perform the research,” said Dr. J. Louis Hinshaw on why he believed UW dominated the conference so completely. “The collaborative opportunities with Medical Physics and other departments are endless—The result is high quality, practical research that often changes clinical practice.”

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