Dr. Hinshaw accepts Editor’s Recognition Award from Radiology

At the end of last month, J. Louis Hinshaw, MD, received the honor of the 2012 Editor’s Recognition Award with Distinction from the journal Radiology. The recognition, according to a statement by Editor Herbert Y. Kressel, MD, is awarded to only the top 10 per cent of journal reviewers and recognizes, “prompt, detailed and scholarly reviews.”

Hinshaw, a graduate of the UW, completed his residency at UW Hospital and Clinics and also holds several other honors. Among many distinctions, he is the director of the Abdominal Imaging Fellowship Program and Chair of the Radiology Residency Selection Committee.

An associate professor whose research focuses mainly on image-guided tumor ablation and virtual colonoscopy, Hinshaw has participated in over 50 publications. One, “Choose Your Weapon: RF, Cyro or MW Ablation: What Should You Use and Why?” recently won a cum laude award at the 2012 Radiological Society of North America meeting.

Hinshaw sees the Editor’s Recognition award more as a commendation. “Reviewing articles is one of the thankless things that we all tend to do, but expect no recognition for,” he said. “It is nice to get some kind of acknowledgement of the work we put into it.”

Read the full article at: https://radiology.wisc.edu/news/dr-hinshaw-accepts-editors-recognition-award-from-radiology/