Student in Dr. Brace’s Tumor Ablation Lab Wins NIH/NCI Award

We are happy to announce that Jason Chiang, medical student and research assistant in Dr. Chris Brace’s Tumor Ablation Lab, recently secured funding from a National Institutes of Health National Research Service Award through the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This $153,000, pre-doctoral award is significant in that it will cover Chiang’s stipend, tuition, and expenses for the remainder of his M.D. /Ph.D. training years.

The grant is entitled “Cytotoxic Heat Transfer in thrombotic Risk in Microwave Tumor Ablation,” and the goal of this project is to model how the excess heat in microwave tumor ablation zones travels through large vessels to cause downstream damage. Chiang, along with Drs. Brace, Louis Hinshaw, and Fred T. Lee Jr., will develop a thrombotic risk model which will be used to guide ablation antennas to avoid damaging nearby vessels.

Congratulations! We look forward to more news from this exciting project.

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