$1.2M NIH Grant Awarded for Microwave Ablation for Targeted Cancer Therapy

We are extremely pleased to announce that Chris Brace PhD, Assistant Professor in Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, was awarded approximately $1.2M by the NIH-NCI for his R01 proposal “Optimizing microwave ablation techniques for targeted cancer therapy.” The objective of this project is to optimize percutaneous microwave ablation technologies. Thermal tumor ablation is an emerging treatment option for many cancers in the abdomen, chest and bone. Microwaves offer several advantages over existing tumor ablation technologies, but most of these advantages are not apparent in current clinical systems. This project aims to capitalize on the benefits of microwave heating to engineer a faster, more precise and more effective cancer treatment. Key personnel and collaborators include Fred T. Lee Jr. MD and Louis Hinshaw MD of the Department of Radiology, Sharon Weber MD of the Department of Surgery, and Dan van der Weide PhD of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Please join us in congratulating Chris and the ablation team for their successful grant application!

Read the full article at: https://radiology.wisc.edu/news/1-2m-nih-grant-awarded-for-microwave-ablation-for-targeted-cancer-therapy/